Encore! launched in September 2013 in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.  We bring live music to everyone from babies to grandparents in a relaxed and informal environment. We believe in letting very young children hear music from all different genres.
At Encore! everyone is encouraged to react to music however they want – jumping up and down, dancing, sitting, lying down or drawing pictures inspired by what they have heard. But above all, they learn that music is fun and there’s something very exciting about hearing it live  

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus, we have moved all concerts online until further notice. 

Next concert – 17th December, 10.30am  

It’s our Christmas concert! We will have a fun filled concert of music inspired by winter and will also include lots of your Christmas favourites. If you would like to request a particular piece of music, please send a messge via this page or through our Facebook page.

To catch up on our previous online concerts, please follow this link – Encore online

As you will be well aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected us all, including musicians. These online concerts are free. However, if you do enjoy them and are able to, please do consider giving us a small donation via our Paypal link. We’d be very grateful, thank you